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  • What we do

    Operational Awareness

    Gravitence enables companies & organizations to increase operational awareness by

    integrating location intelligence into their business processes.


    Gravitence provides its customers a state of the art solution for discovering the narrative behind their location data.

    Visual Communication

    Gravitence ensures that teams in the field can easily assimilate the latest available information.

  • Customer Success

    Which 4 activities quantify a customer's success?

    Overcome operational data silos

    maximise data pool

    with a freedom to navigate

    boundless secure access

    and flexibility to enrich sensor and corporate data

    contextual information

    to build and share your narrative

    visual communication

  • Sentune

    Field Team Management Platform for Situational Intelligence Response

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    Open Platform

    Sentune has been designed to expedite a near real-time flow from data to operational awareness.

    It acts as operations node into which various data sensors feeds can be plugged. Teams in the field have access to the latest information through mobile clients.

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    Sentune determines mutual relations and overall context in the data it handles. This context-driven approach is crucial to enabling situational intelligence and operational fusion.

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    User Experience

    At Gravitence we value the beauty of simplicity. It is key that all operators can intuitively monitor, assess, explore, anticipate and share the information, without detractors.

  • Consultancy

    A la carte


    Let's jointly discover and explore the trove of geospatial, location-referenced and sensor data you already own.


    Let's figure out how to match your operational needs with the available assets.


    Let's establish the path to win over and serve your customers in diverse markets.

  • Ready to get started?

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  • Hiring

    We're looking for top-notch:

    • Algorithms Masters

    • Geospatial Veterans
    • Mobile App Gurus

    • UX Artists

    Please email us at info@gravitence.com


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